Our Events

Here is a list of industry events we are attending and supporting through sponsorship.

The Neosurf team attend these events so you have the opportunity to speak directly to the right person, be it via a video call we still want to hear your problems over a cuppa coffee to chat about how we can help.

Panels & Discussions

What’s in a Coffee?

A coffee is a catchup, a hello, how you doing and are you ok. It’s a welcome gesture that tears down walls and breaks the ice.

Coffee is a bond.

Coffee is a perk, a pick me up, a please help wake me up. It gets you back in the game and firing on all cylinders. A beacon that brightly shines through the noise of the everyday.

Coffee is Bold and Brave

Coffee is togetherness, it brings us closer to the ones we love and helps us greet the ones we just met. It’s with you from the first conversation, the first handshake and the first introduction.

Coffee is Connection.

Neosurf have been using the humble cup of coffee to connect with people at events across the world. We believe the key to good business relationships is through good conversations.

Neosurf coffee booth
Ileana at our DIGITAL CASH booth at ICE 2022
Antoine at our DIGITAL CASH events booth 2022
Neosurf Taking You Places Coffee Cup
Lydia speaking to clients at ICE 2020
Ian at the Neosurf booth at ICE 2020
Andrea CCO at our DIGITAL CASH booth at ICE 22
neosurf buscuit on travels