Gaming and Gambling Payments Solution Neosurf launches in the USA through Partnership with Metropolitan Commercial Bank

Neosurf, the world-renowned fully compliant payments solution for gamers and gamblers, has partnered with Metropolitan Commercial Bank (MCB) in the USA to help address the underserved cash, digital wallet and alternative payment services in the gambling and games market across the USA.

MCB is an entrepreneurial bank established in 1999 and is headquartered in New York City. An established leader in digital payments, MCB is one of the fastest growing banks in the USA and has experience in keeping pace with the rapid industry evolutions associated with digital currencies, mobile payment apps and all that fintech has to offer. It has an impressive track record of successful collaborations with new category innovators and serves as the e-wallet sponsor bank for many global payment programs. The partnership with Neosurf is the latest collaboration in the sector.

Neosurf Inc is part of the Neosurf group of companies worldwide. Established in 2004 in France, Europe has been the core area of growth, with a global expansion that began in 2016 and now covers over 82 countries. USA will become the 83rd jurisdiction to be added to the Neosurf footprint.

The association with MCB followed extensive national and local state research by Neosurf to understand the digital payment missing links in user experience, an area of great importance to the Neosurf team. The key target markets are online Gambling and Sports betting and the metaverse of Games. These two categories are strong Neosurf sectors elsewhere in the world, with significant established partnerships already in place delivering strong and compliant service standards to their players. Neosurf prides itself on its market leading client service level in the area of alternative payments in the digital space.

Neosurf Chief Commercial Officer, Andrea McGeachin, commented “Key to the market is the player conversion. Our products are easy to access and use, bringing safe, simple, transparent, and ‘uncluttered’ payment capabilities to operators and players. We create a single simple integration for our partners and support with the highest standard of ongoing support and communications. At the heart of our launch in the USA is caring for our partners’ players and their use of digital payments that keep it simple, safe, and private. Working with like-minded teams at MCB make this complex world of digital payments easier to deliver giving Neosurf the opportunity to build strong sustainable growth across the USA.”



Nick Rosenberg, from MCB added, “We are looking forward to facilitating Neosurf’s alternative payment solution in the field of gaming and gambling and to developing our relationship with Neosurf going forward.”