Neosurf Integration

Integration with Neosurf is simple

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Accepting Neosurf voucher or Neosurf Account payments in your checkout couldn’t be easier. Your PSP or processor may already be connected. Or you can integrate directly using the Neosurf API.

Our Merchant Support team will support you through the entire process. And once complete you will be issued with a login to your Neosurf Merchant Account, providing a range of online services.

The team will be available to you anytime you need them.


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Integrate Neosurf Directly

Our integration process is fast and easy using the Neosurf web services API. The Merchant Support Team will assist you as work through the process. The final stage will be setting-up test accounts and vouchers so you can complete end to end testing. Then you will be approved to connect to the live environment.

Integrating Neosurf via your Payment Service Provider

Via your verified Payment Service Provider (PSP) you can indirectly integrate to Neosurf. This will be quicker to deploy as they have already been approved to offer payment by Neosurf on their checkout. Settlement will be to your chosen PSP.

Here is the list of the verified PSPs we already work with. If you cannot see your processor or tech partner listed we will welcome an introduction, and we can start the work together.

Integrating Neosurf via your Chosen Processor

Another alternative is to access payments by Neosurf via your chosen Processor. In this case settlement will be between Neosurf and yourself.

The Neosurf API

Neosurf provide merchants and partners with a single API for all our products with add-on services and connection for all the admin reporting and insights you need at any time. This single integration will enable our vouchers, as well as the Neosurf Account, to be used to pay on your checkout.


  • The Neosurf products all present a 10-digit alphanumeric code securely produced by our servers.
  • The customer sees a pop up where they enter the voucher code.
  • The transaction is processed immediately and handed back to your cashier page quickly.
  • The Neosurf web services API enables these steps in an easy to implement integration.
Neosurf Gateway

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