The Neosurf Products

Websites around the world, in all forms of digital entertainment & digital content, are using Neosurf to reach those customers that want or need an alternative way to pay online.

Our payment products are designed to help you achieve your goals of getting and keeping customers. And engaging again with existing players. 

Neosurf Vouchers

A Neosurf voucher allows anyone to pay online, using a secure Neosurf code. They can pay privately on the internet, without going through their bank account or disclosing any personal or financial information.

Neosurf Vouchers are available in various amounts and feature a 10-digit alpha-numeric code. Your customer enters this code on your cashier page when they select Neosurf as a payment option. As the voucher has been prepaid, we will assure the payment to you.

Neosurf vouchers are available from convenient, local retail locations. And an increasing number of online digital content sellers make Neosurf vouchers available to your customers, all day every day.

Neosurf Account icon

myNeosurf Account

The myNeosurf Account is an electronic money account that allows your customer to pay online using their own permanent and unique Neosurf code. Your customer enters this code on your cashier page when they select to pay using the myNeosurf Account.

Just like using a Neosurf voucher, your customer benefits from not sharing personal, bank or financial information with any website.

The account allows the customer to deposit several vouchers at one time, and allow top-ups with a card, bank transfer and crypto currencies. Plus, withdrawals and winnings can be deposited back into the myNeosurf account.

Customers need to register when they apply for a myNeosurf account. As they reach usage limits we may ask for more verification. Our aim is to protect the customer and our merchants and be your trusted payment provider.


If you operate a mobile wallet or account or a prepaid card programme you can join the 70+ partners working with Neoreload.

Neoreload is a service where consumers use their local funds to transfer value to international wallets and accounts. Once registered at the secure Neoreload portal, the customer can load value with Neosurf vouchers, or can deposit funds using a card.

They can then move funds to any of the international prepaid cards, wallets and accounts that are Neoreload partners. The service is quick and the customer benefits from reduced fees, as they can share the value in their Neoreload account with as many wallets and accounts as they have set-up.

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