Neosurf Smashes 90% Market Satisfaction Consistently

Neosurf, the world-renowned alternative payments method enabling gamers and gamblers to pay online without credit card usage and without disclosing personal information has achieved what many B2B business strive for.

Through establishing a dedicated Client Relationship Team that has built a dynamic response model which not only resolves merchant enquires but goes to the heart of the event raised to ensure that it doesn’t become a repeat issue, the Neosurf brand has established itself as a market leader in client satisfaction.

The Team and the Model were established by Neosurf in response to the feedback they received from users of other payment systems, and potential clients, disappointed at the lack of customer attention being provided by Neosurf’s competitors. At the centre of the build was the simply imperative that the Neosurf brand should be recognised as the one that takes a genuine interest in the clients and, in conjunction with the sales team, provides solutions that are customer centric.

Working with the ever-growing list of merchants accepting Neosurf payments, the model analyses each enquiry ‘ticket’ raised, initially prioritising the response so that a quarter are resolved within 5 hours and two thirds within a maximum of 7 days.

But the resolution is the start of a process that then looks at the issue from the merchant’s perspective, identifying why it arose and what must be done to ensure there is no repetition.

By categorising both the ticket and the associated merchant, Neosurf tracks which merchants would benefit from any specific on boarding tuition and additional training and also which business areas warrant attention to improve the user experience.

Being proactive to address such areas is at the heart of their success. When technical issues were proving time consuming to resolve, the Neosurf customer team recruited a specific technical resource to deal with merchant technical issues directly and promptly.

Close engagement with merchants provides the validation.

Client Apco pay feedback reports, ‘….always quick and helpful responses..’, but equally importantly the number of ‘tickets’ raised has reduced by more than 50% alone in just a three month period.

Neosurf Chief Commercial Officer Andrea McGeachin commented, “In an industry sector where client promoter scores frequently prove to be unacceptably low, Neosurf has unashamedly put merchant satisfaction firmly at the heart of the Neosurf proposition. Our approach is not only the right one for merchants, but is one that also makes our business more efficient and optimises client loyalty.”